Every word of God is flawless; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.  Do not add to His words, or He will rebuke you and prove you a liar.  Proverbs 30:5, 6.

I first heard this proverb when I was a kid listening to Bible story records, and since my brother and I didn’t have a tv much of the time growing up, these records became our source of entertainment.  I think we listened to them almost daily from 1969 on till they wore out.  Soon after my son was born and not long after my wife left, I decided to reinvest in these stories for him because now that I read the passage above in person, I get the context.

When we study Scripture, we can’t help but bring our own experiences, bias and perspectives to it.  For many this is harmless, for others who strive for accuracy to the point of fanaticism it’s horrifying.  I’m somewhere in the middle.  For us to grasp the truth in the Word we must understand the exegesis of it–which means the true context, e.g. the author, era or age of the writing, circumstances and people to whom the book or letter was written–otherwise we will probably miss the real point and go off in some other direction.

 One truth I’ve come to appreciate over time is the concept of sin.  Recently, I’ve been impressed by several pastors preaching on the meaning of the original word used for “sin” in the Hebrew.  It means “to miss the mark” or in other words, to aim at a target and miss the bullseye.  This is important in our understanding of truth in general for it tells us why there are such wacked views of Scripture floating around the church.  People get all sorts of ideas about what a passage means, then go to great lengths to make all of the Bible fit into their skewed perspective.

I’m not all that enthusiastic to live that way.

In Genesis God created the heavens and the earth and pronounced them good.  Now this might not sound all that important to some who read this blog but to me it’s crucial to get an understanding our very own nature and creation.  God looked at all He had made and called it “good”!  To me this means whatever He created for us is vital, whatever He created in us is sacrosanct and what we are designed to do because of His programming is holy.  Take our bodies for example:  We eat fruit from trees, grain from grasses and nuts from other trees as well as berries from bushes, all of this becomes fertilizer for the plants which produce our food.  Everything is dependent on water, so we excrete water filled with enzymes and other things our bodies cannot utilize which, if there were no diseases, in turn nourish other organisms.

The only time we get into trouble with creation or our own make up is when we step outside of it.  One little misinterpretation at the beginning means missing the mark pretty badly miles down the road.  I believe it is important for our understanding to study both nature and ourselves in order to grasp the purpose of God.  Yet without an understanding of what He says about it in Scripture, we muddle through reaching for truth in the dark.

Much of our problems grow out of misunderstanding the Word of Truth or adding our own addendum or agendas to those God established.  I’m guilty of it as much as anyone and so are you, which is one of the many reasons we need a Savior.  Yet in our searching out the things of God we must endeavor to submit to His truth through His Word.  Our understanding must adjust to greater understanding as it comes so we may grow to be more like Him in everything.  The problem with many of us is we attach ourselves to “truths” and refuse to budge from our original grasp of spiritual reality.

If we allowed children to stick with their perspective into adulthood, none of them would comprehend truth at all for they would still be afraid of the monster in the closet, believe magic made that donut appear out of nowhere, think their parents were superhuman and all powerful, and we could go on.  No, we have to grow out of our childish take on reality in order to function properly in the responsibility adulthood thrusts on us.  Playing house as kids might be normal fun but continuing this game into maturity is insanity.

The same principle must be applied to Scripture.  God has given us a pretty diverse set of messages to decipher and decode as we grow in Him.  The only way to comprehend the purposes and mind of God is to discard our own bias and perspective in order to conform to His.  This takes humility and a realization that we come to the table flawed through and through.  Just because I accepted Jesus as a young man doesn’t mean I have a complete grasp of what it means to serve Him.  Neither will we ever completely grasp what God has done from beginning to end, our job and joy should be to discover Him and what He has done without forcing our own flawed POV and prejudices on Him.

If God made the world and sin is destroying it, then we who are spiritual should be demonstrating a different attitude by reconciling ourselves to His creation and Way.  Anything else is missing the mark.

I think if just remember every word of God is flawless and stick to that understanding, we will find the peace and security we look for so desperately.


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7 Responses to “Flawless”

  1. Judy Adler Says:

    johnny – I like your ‘definition’ of sin. Have you ever read or listened to
    any of Rev. Ike’s teaching? He interprets the Bible not literally, but as a book
    of spiritual Mind Science. Take a look at his website at http://scienceoflivingonline.com and get his free e-book “Thinkonomics” and other free gifts.
    You are an open-minded thinker. You will really like this book and get a lot out of it.
    Blessings, Judy

  2. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  3. tlc4women Says:

    Hopefully we all keep on learning and growing as we go. Being able to make the proper adjustments at the right time and not getting fixed on what we think we know is key. Just when I think I get it, God throws a new facet into the mix and I begin to see even more perspective than I thought possible.

  4. jonnysoundsketch2 Says:

    Yeah, I know, just when I think I get it, I get to see how much I don’t know or even grasp.

  5. Downin Says:

    lol k, but are you sure?

  6. Zoellner Says:

    I have been struggling with this for a long tie, I appreciate the encouragement – it gives me hope. Maybe someoneelse will figure this out.

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