Bobby Michaels’ Legacy

Today I thought I’d honor a friend and coworker in the struggle to serve God.  I met Bobby Michaels twenty+ years ago as a fairly new Christian artist at an art festival in South Africa, along with John Fischer and bunch of other artists.  His presentation was upbeat and joyous, though he sounded child-like in his message.

The first year.

The second year he came back broadened, deepened and stretched by his visit to Asia’s Leprosy colony.  His testimony rocked the place, the song he sang was “Silent Love” by Russ Taff and the crowd wept at the depth and sheer conviction he brought to the place.

I haven’t seen him since and it looks like I won’t again until all things are new, for Bobby died recently.  I just had to pay tribute to brave soul who used his talents to bring the message to places no one else would go with a courage that shamed many greater voices into action.  He will be missed.

Message from Lee and Rachel…

Our hearts are aching as we tell you that Bobby passed away this evening shortly after going into the operating room. Before the surgeons started the operation, Bobby’s heart stopped with an instant “flat-line”. The medical team tried for 45 minutes to resuscitate him but his heart did not respond.

We are deeply saddened by our loss…but rejoice that Bobby did get totally healed…with a new heart, kidneys, and any other part that might have needed fixing. The Lord knew the plans He had for Bobby…and today was his graduation day as he went to the One he loved the most and served so faithfully. We know he was carried away in the arms of Jesus.

Words cannot express our thanks for all the love, prayers, and notes of encouragement that have come to us by everyone who have been touched by Bobby’s life. Our prayer for all of you is that you will experience the same peace and comfort that we have received from the Father.

We will let you know of memorial plans once these details have made. Thank you again for all of the love and prayers for our family.

We love you all deeply!
Lee, Rachel, and Jeff

To link to his site go here.


2 Responses to “Bobby Michaels’ Legacy”

  1. Ken Grant Says:

    I join you in mourning this incredible loss – Bobby was a great friend and mentor – please take a moment to read John Fischer’s comments on Bobby as well –

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