God’s Motivation:

Here’s a question for us who believe (and those you who may be in a state of indecision):   What is God’s motivation for sending Jesus?

Here’s another question:  What is God’s attitude toward humanity even in its sinful state?

Both answers can be found in John 3:16, 17, which is where we will be going next.  Think about the answers Jesus gives first, then move on to the thought that we are to imitate Him in all things.


3 Responses to “God’s Motivation:”

  1. tlc4women Says:

    Restoration and love. The message is so simple and yet so profound. How we ever missed the point by bringing in religion escapes me. I suppose in our mind things have to be complicated and we must jump through many hoops to be connected to our Father.

    I love when I talk to an unbeliever about Christ and they say, “That’s it?”
    God did the difficult part. We only need to believe. The rest comes with time and relationship.

  2. jonnysoundsketch2 Says:

    We have an enemy who hates the message so much he’ll do anything to twist and pervert it.

  3. tlc4women Says:

    Last night while teaching the band and choir we talked about this. Satan is not concerned about whether we go to church or not. He is concerned about whether we learn the truth or not. Keep writing, I’m enjoying this verse by verse lesson. I hope you are making worksheets as you go. You’ll teach this one on one I’m sure.

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