Jesus Vs Protocol

Just then His disciples returned and were surprised to find Him talking with a woman.  But no one asked,  “What do you want?”  or  “Why are you talking with her?”  John 4:28.

 Have you ever noticed those established in any form of belief system or organization get kind of cocky about who can join and who can’t?  The disciples were outed by John A quite nicely here.  He showed their prejudices and exclusivism without shying away from them.

It’s one of the big ways God wants to change our hearts, I believe, because He’s not that way nor does He desire followers who behave in such a fashion.  We are not the privileged children of a wealthy person lording over everyone else and sharing it with those whom we like, but the children of an incredibly generous God who owns it all because He made it and wants to restore a relationship with His creation.

Those of you who have children will get this better than those who don’t.  The inherent love we have for our offspring is basic to our nature, which is why someone abusing or using their children is so odd, surprising and offensive to most of us.  God made every possibility which exists in our dimension and probably infinite dimensions outside of us, and like a good father He loves everything and everyone He created.  He craves reconciliation because it’s foreign to Him to be at odds with His creation.  He designed us to live in harmony so much so that it creates a hole in His heart when we live outside this design.

The disciples looked with disapproval on the woman, immediately knowing her past instinctively by the time of day she arrived at the well and judging her because of her race—or lack thereof.  In their small minds, educated as they were by elitist thinkers of the day, she wasn’t good enough or of the right nationality to enjoy Jesus.  It must have torqued their crank to no end to come back to Jesus only to find Him breaking three taboos in one blow.

We do it too.  Watch how you and I react to young believers or outsiders who don’t agree with our particular brand of Christian thought.  You’ll see the same trait everywhere we look because the nature of humanity hasn’t changed for all it’s “progress” in the last two thousand years.  The established norms of who is in and who is out haven’t changed all that much really, they’ve just adjusted sides today as to who is in or out.

These men wanted so badly to rebuke Jesus in one way, at the same time they believed Him to be God’s Son, so they were faced with a dilemma:  If He’s really God’s Messiah, then He can do no wrong and what He’s doing right now is part of the mission.  Distasteful, yes, but necessary.  They had a choice to make here to accept His authority or lose Him.

The same choice is set before us as well.  Will we buy into merely the forms of religious observance surrounding the Christian ethic or will we surrender ourselves to the mission of God through His Son, Jesus Christ?

Do you know a Samaritan woman or man?  We meet these kind of people everyday.  We must be healed of our jaundiced view of the world so we desperately need the eye salve Jesus promised His children (see Revelation 3:18).  Our vision must be cleared of humanism and earthly priorities in order that we might truly recognize the world, for every person alive is worth the life of God.

Now chew on this thought for a while and see with new eyes.


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5 Responses to “Jesus Vs Protocol”

  1. tlc4women Says:

    Recently a woman in our congregation died suddenly. She was wacky to say the least. I have to be honest and say she got on my nerves. She was so up and down with her faith and her life and I didn’t get it. She’d be all in one minute and then missing for months.

    Yet, at her funeral it was packed with people. People were walking outside to drink and smoke pot and my first thought was, Why doesn’t this surprise me. Then my husband opened up the mic to anyone who wanted to speak. Every single person there, sober or not, got up to speak about she never failed to tell them about Jesus. She would say, “Don’t follow me! Follow Jesus.” Not one single person there spoke without acknowledging her faith in Christ. She taught me a huge lesson about myself!

  2. thinkpoint Says:

    You’ll find this interesting:

    Ten Tests for Doing Spiritual Inventory

    • jonnysoundsketch2 Says:

      Hey, bro’, while I don’t mind you putting a link to your site on mine (I checked you out and liked what I saw), I would rather have a dialogue than advertisements. In other words I prefer conversations to pamphlets.

  3. jonnysoundsketch2 Says:

    Now that is a great testimonty…it’s just too bad she couldn’t find the peace she ached for all her life. I’m sure now she has

  4. tlc4women Says:

    I know. She had big faith but life always got in the way. I kept wondering why she couldn’t stay faithful. Then I saw her environment and realized she was trying HARD.

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