The Evidence for Belief

So he and all his household believed.  John 4:53.

Belief is a tricky thing for us.  Somehow we’ve built up the notion that simple acknowledging a belief is enough to support it—kind of like nodding our head at that guy we pass in the hallway but we never talk to at work.  The conscious effort it takes to just accomplish this strains our belief muscles and we nod at God in the hallways without ever desiring a deeper conversation.

Yet having a near death experience heightens one’s ability to live in the moment, I’ve noticed.  Once death becomes a real option and not some ghostly possibility, our sense of the preciousness of life grows exponentially.  Sometimes death seems to happen all around us but we insulate ourselves in a way so as to avoid the personal implications.

The royal official faced death on a personal scale as did his whole household.  I would say this circumstance would be a high motivation for them to believe beyond just casual acknowledgement.  They looked at not only the possibility but the very real probability an important member of the house would die and had to take stock of their beliefs.

Jesus’ actions shook them to their foundation, revealing how unstable their belief system had grown to be.  The man didn’t question Jesus but left in hope of the words “Your son will live” and moved out in faith…what little he held.  His small action of belief in the word of Christ gave him back his son, but more than that, it gave the whole house evidence which demanded a verdict.  This verdict confronts us and demands we act on it.

They chose to believe.  Their belief, however, changed the way they lived, looked at and treated the world around them.  Their example of how to live became a humble Nazarene, whom most in the know dismissed as inconsequential, a flash in the pan or, at best, a good teacher.  Instead these people took Jesus not only at His word for the healing of the son but also His mission, which means they had to adjust their thinking on many things.

What does it mean to us for Jesus to break into our comfortable lives or miserable struggles?  What does it take for us to really believe not just be like the demons who know God exists but defy Him?  What will it take for our entire lives to be changed into His image?


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3 Responses to “The Evidence for Belief”

  1. tlc4women Says:

    It usually takes something extremely traumatic to get our attention.

  2. mercerd Says:

    interesting material, where such topics do you find? I will often go

    • jonnysoundsketch2 Says:

      Scripture is the best source of topics for me. The story of Jesus inspires the thoughts…I just write them down.

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