Planting Seeds

“For the Father loves the Son and shows Him all He does.  Yes, to your amazement He will show Him even greater things than these.”  John 5:20.

Ok, I’m not really trying to go verse by verse here but there are a few things that just jump out to me every time I read the text.

 Being a dad now I grasp this text better than I did before…it has to do with the natural tendencies as Jesse’s father more than anything else.  We like to show our sons how to do things, ride bikes, climb trees, swim, fix coffee (or latte in my case), change a tire, climb a mountain, read a book, drive a car, and the list could go on.  Yet the one thing we show them how to do the best without trying is to be a man.  Now I’m not saying we show them good things or do it well, it’s just that imitation comes as naturally as breathing for children and parents, so our kids do their best to be little replicas of us.  Whatever the son sees the father do, he attempts as well.

Jesus is giving us a hint as to how He comes to being who He is—by imitating His Father.  Then He goes on to give them a sign of what that might look like:  “For just as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, even so the Son gives life to whom He is pleased to give it.”  Which tells us a great deal about what the Savior has in mind for His next move.  He trumps the unbelief of the Jews by actually giving them a litmus test they can run on Him to know whether He’s from God or not, for only God can raise the dead, right?  So can Jesus, which should be a slam dunk sign for the Jews.

But it isn’t.  They didn’t want to believe in some obscure nobody from the back woods of Galilee, they wanted their messiah, the one who came to punish all their enemies and make them rich.

When I was young, the teaching about heaven centered around crowns, new houses, golden streets and a host of other glorious things we focused on to motivate ourselves into serving the Master.  As I grew in a knowledge of the Word, I became aware that the crown offered was a crown of righteousness, the stars or jewels in that crown were the people we brought with us and the streets of gold were under the feet of everyone as common as dirt—an insult by Eastern thought to all man valued (to walk on something meant you conquered it or owned it which made it of little value).  In other words we concentrate on the wrong things today as well.

Jesus told His disciples that anyone who followed Him would do even greater things than He had done, which is quite a statement considering He calmed storms and raised the dead.  So what did He mean?

Well, what was Jesus’ mission to earth?  To bring reconciliation between God and mankind.  Using this as our goal, the greater things than these takes on a new meaning because our focus is on the work of God in the heart, the jewels are the people we bring to the Master, the joy is the gladness we know when a heart is changed by grace.

He imitated the Father, we imitate Him, and those who come to Him through our influence, do so by imitating our example.  Which should give us pause and something to think about, wouldn’t you say?


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One Response to “Planting Seeds”

  1. tlc4women Says:

    We should always be aware that we are living sacrifices. So what should rise up from the dead is a true representation of God. This is why our walk and testimony is important. It shouldn’t come as pressure however, it should come as practice.

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