This Breaking News

Jesus told us in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) that God sends His rain on the just and unjust alike.  In other words He blesses us whether we are open to Him or not; whether we accept Him or not; whether we receive His blessings or not.

This doesn’t mean He forces us to receive what He gives.  On the contrary God’s love rains out the blessing equally, it is a sign of our openness to Him how much of it we receive.  If I believe everything in the world has a sinister twist, I will see God’s blessing as a double-edged sword. 

Cynicism has no place in the attitude of gratitude.

We are called vessels for a reason.  All of us are designed to be filled with God to overflowing.  Yet only some of us open ourselves up to God completely, most others partially or not at all.  Those who open up to God completely receive the blessing to overflowing and begin raining on other lives within their spere of influence. 

Those partially open fill up slower and many times envy those who’s lives are overflowing.  The partially open people think somehow God is playing favorites, though it’s not true.  He doesn’t play favorites amongst His children because He loves them all equally—the just and unjust alike.  The only difference between those who fully receive God’s giftings and those who don’t is their level of trust and willingness to open their hearts to Him.

Those closed off to God merely hear the rain pounding on the outside of their lid.  Some might have so many layers of stone (refer to Ezekiel 18) between them and God they don’t even hear the rain pouring down from heaven.  What gets into their cup only seeps in through cracks found in their self-sustained armor—depending on its “weather” tightness.

God wants to bless us and give us everything of Himself.  We don’t have to pray for the Spirit to “rain on down on us” because God sent the Spirit to the world long ago.  It isn’t a matter of us begging God to bless us, as if He’s needs wheedling or persuasion, but one of us begging Him to open our hearts to receive what He’s already giving.

What brought this to mind was a worship set I did this last weekend.  We sing about “Holy Spirit rain down…” like somehow our request will open the floodgates of heaven, when all along God is raining down the showers of blessing and we are either too blind, deaf or closed off to sense it.  So our spiritual condition is nothing more than our own ability to receive God.  If we’ve only made enough room in our spiritual house for Him hang in the living room or kitchen, that’s all the blessing we’ll be able to hold.  If we open the whole house to Him, every area will be blessed with His presence, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is life, joy and freedom.

As the father of the  demon-possessed boy begged Jesus,  “Lord, I believe!  Help my unbelief!”  Instead of persuading God to bless us, may be we should pray for a receptive spirit, open heart and willingness to house the Holy One, for this is where the blessing lies in its totality:  the presence of God.


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One Response to “This Breaking News”

  1. tlc4women Says:

    I am a visual learner so I have to have a mental picture to grasp a concept. I have always seen this passage of scripture of my need for an umbrella, or the covering of God. I must be in relationship and know and him and trust him completely so that he, as my umbrella, shields me from the elements sometimes. Other times when he walks besides me, he is letting the rain flow to overflowing. Walking without my own hands over my head is risky but so worth it. When you trust God this way, it makes it easier to go through valleys in life knowing you are keeping your eyes open for a lesson that will eventually bring more revelation and that there is purpose and meaning to it all.

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