When All Else Fails…

The Jews answered Him,  “Aren’t we right in saying that you are a Samaritan and demon-possessed?”  John 8:48.

This is an example of a failing in humans that comes out when they can’t think of anything more intelligent to say as a comeback.

To the Jew of Christ’s time calling another Jew a Samaritan was fighting words, claiming they were demon-possessed meant they were unclean and insane.  These men weren’t just objecting to Jesus’ words they being insulting and cruel—as cruel as they knew how to be.

Remember, though, just a few short days or weeks before they were enthusiastic followers.  What changed their minds was a little tidbit of information they considered too hard to swallow so they turned hardened enemies.  This means they never really gave themselves over to the teachings of Christ in the first place, since they didn’t even seek to understand.  If you recall, Jesus gave them a key to understanding His words by telling them what He said wasn’t physical cannibalism but a spiritual diet of God’s Word in the flesh come to save the world.  They refused this and ended up His strongest opponents.

A word to the wise:  those who turn against Jesus will use their knowledge, skills and resources to discredit, cast doubt, blur, muddy the waters, obscure and generally downplay the importance of the Savior.  They will be so convincing that even the very staunchest of disciples will be tempted to give it all up, if that were possible.

Why they don’t want Jesus has already been discussed, but it’s important to know whom we face as enemies of the cross.  These people will sound good, know the Word by memory a lot of times and be cordial or politic the whole time they are eviscerating Christ.  Their reasoning will sound solid, their rhetoric will be hard to argue by human standards.  Our battle, however, is not with them but the spiritual darkness and powers in high places who seek to dislodge our loyalty to Jesus.

The wisdom of the gospel is Jesus Christ crucified and raised to life.  Contrary to popular earth-bound logic in a universe actually ruled by the Judeo/Christian God this fact of the gospel is not only possible by probable as well.

They insulted Jesus because they couldn’t defeat the truth of His teaching.  After all they had experienced three years of His arguments in the form of miraculous signs which included healing, the dead coming back to life and feeding several thousand people—not just once but twice.  His argument for being the Messiah and God’s Son left them helpless with rage, which in human terms always means the last resort is to turn to violence.

It’s important to remember this vital lesson.  We are to be as unlike the world as Jesus was and is.  Our arguments are to be in the form of a demonstration of His power to change our lives and affect the world by our presence—much the same way salt flavors food by just being in it.  Our presence in the human mix, however, will not go unchallenged because if they did this type of stuff to our Master, they will do it to His servants.  And many of those we face will not only be people we know but brothers, sisters, best friends and fellow ministers who served with us at one time.

He (or she) who stands firm to the end, though, will receive a crown of life.


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One Response to “When All Else Fails…”

  1. tlc4women Says:

    Thanks for this! People need to hear it.

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