The Plot Thickens

Meanwhile a large crowd of Jews found out that Jesus was there and came, not only because of Him but also to see Lazarus, whom He raised from the dead.  So the chief priests made plans to kill Lazarus as well, for on account of him many of the Jews were going over to Jesus and putting their faith in Him.  John 12:9-11.

 Lazarus was a lode stone (a magnetized rock) to those looking for God to reveal Himself.  Jesus gave them the opportunity and they seized it.  The problem they faced now was rejection and excommunication by the Jewish leaders of the day who refused to accept Jesus as anything more than a nuisance.  To my way of thinking the reaction of these Jews who believed is only natural whereas the leaders’ response puzzles me.

I understand those who love power for itself but these men baffle me.  Here’s the culmination of all their hopes, a man who can raise the dead, heal the sick, feed the hungry and interpret Scripture in a refreshing way, yet they feel they have to reject Him.  The fact that John tells us they plotted to kill Lazarus as well shows the dark condition of their hearts.  For one thing what would they accomplish by killing Lazarus?  Wouldn’t it just be futile since Jesus could raise Him back up again?

The answer to these questions lies in the character of desperation.  When those opposed to Christ can find nothing that will silence Him, they resort to death.  I think it’s one of the main characteristics of sin is it not?  We are so surprised the world hates us because we see all the good Jesus brings about in a life changed into His image.  We shouldn’t be, however, because Jesus told us the darkness hates the light and will do anything to put it out.

Jesus gave the leaders of Israel every proof they needed to believe in Him and they turned it into a reason to kill Him.  How is this logical?  How is this even reasonable?  If you have a hard time swallowing such logic, I suggest you look at some of the decisions in our governments today around the world and ask yourself:  were they doing something reasonable and for the good of all or just to maintain their own power? 

I think you know the answer.  My take on it is if one man is eating fat while another is starving, there’s oppression, greed and selfish ambition going on.

There is no doubt these men were standing against God, especially once Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.  The rumors of His power proved to be true, those tales about the little girl and young man from Nain being substantiated by Lazarus.  Jesus not only raised Lazarus but by his resurrection raised the bar of the argument as well.  When evil has no answer or ability to stand against the light anymore they resort to violence and murder.  They had tried to destroy His reputation but that didn’t work; they attempted to undermine His understanding of Scripture and that failed, so what else was left to them but accept or kill Him?

The truth of history proves that when a government cannot win with an argument (because their arguments are shown to be foolish and nonsense) they will resort to force.  What this should tell us about the leadership in Christian history as well as the present day is simple:  Those who sell a war based on the Word of God have misread its content and changed its intent.  Christians are not slated to be a world power for our government is of a spiritual nature, the weapons of our warfare not based on the world’s tools for such things.  We are given over to defending the helpless, yes, and that might call for violent actions, but we are never the aggressor or the warmonger.  Such methods fly outside the Christian character.

Jesus called us “salt” and “light”.  Neither one rules in the way men understand such things.  Light reveals truth, salt flavors and preserves.  Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to reveal truth by being a light in a dark place and do the work that salt does in anything where it resides:  preserve and flavor.  God tastes the world to see what the ratio of salt to bitterness is and if the salt loses its flavor or becomes too weak to flavor or sustain, He will throw it out.

I know a lot of people who blame God for the evil in the world, and in some ways He is responsible since He created the possibility in the first place.  But the Word says God cannot be tempted by evil neither can He do it for evil denies who He is, which means it would be insanity for Him to deny His own place in existence.  It is those who love sin who perpetuate the problems we face on earth.  No one would suffer from evil if there were no one who rebelled against God.  At the same time, we can see just about every disaster caused by humans either stemming from human error or selfishness.  As long as there is sin in the world, we have an ingredient in the mix that doesn’t belong, which means we will have bad things happen to the innocent.

It’s our job to be in the world but not taste like it or be lost in its darkness.


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