The Blessing

“Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.”  John 13:17.

The Greek word used here for “blessed” is makarios which is translated several times as “happy”.  The NIV uses “blessed” instead of “happy” because either usage is true of the word.  In other words, Jesus tells us we will find happiness and blessedness in serving others.  This isn’t a blessing like having a windfall on our taxes or manna from heaven, rather it is a blessing of happiness which finds us as we practice it.

In the kingdom of God, there are some things that result in blessing and we cannot actually know the blessing until we obey the instructions.  I’ve heard many Christians say,  “God is not concerned with our happiness but gives us joy” and while this may be true to a certain extent, I don’t believe He’s just concerned about joy.  I believe Jesus gives us the keys to happiness right here.

Look, if our happiness is based on our circumstances, then it is tenuous at best and completely unstable at worst as our circumstances bounce around between good and bad.  But if we find peace in Christ, is this not a form of happiness?  A joy that cannot be touched because it is founded on the Rock Christ Jesus and surrounded by His Name (the name of the Lord is a strong tower…) so it cannot be removed or hurt by the situations we face.  The differentiation between joy and happiness makes it sound like joy is deeper and more necessary, while happiness is more fleeting.

Being joyful in a bad situation makes us happy, does it not?  Being happy about God’s love makes the rejection of the world around us more bearable.  Yet we will not find this unless we take the first steps into obedience.

What is Jesus asking us to do here, then?

Serve each other without worrying about social strata, the worthiness of others or the humility (by human standards) it takes to step into a given role.  Jesus’ example shows us He’s not concerned with human perceptions about certain tasks, so we shouldn’t be.  The value of person grows out of Christ’s willingness to pay for them to be reconciled to God.  That makes them worth the life of God Himself, and priceless in any book.


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One Response to “The Blessing”

  1. tlc4women Says:

    I was just talking with the youth group about this on Tuesday. It’s so true. True joy will bring you happiness despite circumstances and that is the blessing. Great post.

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