In Regards

“…and in regard to judgment because the prince this world now stands condemned.”  John 16:11.

Satan stands condemned for his rebellion in heaven.  There’s no sidestepping, no accusing God of being unfair, no soapbox grandstanding or yelling at the top of his lungs “I had a right!” because he crucified the Son of God without cause. The prince of this world has been Satan throughout the history of man post-Eden.  He has no more excuses nor any  good reason for his rhetoric or argument anymore—except may be to drag as many with him into the nullvoid as possible.

The disciples (and we as well) didn’t get the fact that Jesus was making a victory speech before the last battle on the cross was fought.  This means His confidence in God overrode the lack of foresight His humanity thrust on Him.  The Trinity’s plan for Jesus’ time on earth allowed Him no powers outside of those He gained from a connection to God the Father.  This should be encouraging to us but it usually doesn’t because we don’t grasp the full significance of it.  He had no insight into the outcome except through the Spirit, even though He did have the power to lay His life down and take it up again as a sacrifice, it didn’t mean He was given anything outside of the normal human ability.

The only thing Jesus didn’t have in common with us was a mind given over to sin, although His physical DNA would be riddled with it through inheritance.  Still, we must recognize His declaration of victory in the passage above is a statement of faith not knowledge.

The world stands convicted of righteousness precisely because Jesus is going to His Father.  I know the wording sounds confusing to our modern phraseology but it’s important that He said it this way because it means He was confident of the outcome at that moment–not due to His own strength but on the promises of Scripture.  A conviction is the truth driven home.  His triumph (i.e. going to the Father) displays the rightness of His cause to all creation.

Jesus’ example wasn’t just the “Way” but He Himself.  We follow His example because He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  The Way of righteousness is revealed in a person not a law written on stone tablets.  The Life in us is displayed in a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief not some fantastic story outside of the human experience.  The Truth is a man who is both Teacher and Savior not a guru who separates himself from common human experience.  Wisdom is justified by her children in the act of living among the cares of the world not divorced from its realities.  I believe there are times it’s good to go meditate and pray for understanding of what we know to be reality, but only in communion with God and man do we find true wisdom.

And Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did.  1 John 2:6.  Which points to us imitating Him in all things, even though we cannot be the sacrifice for sin, we can lay our lives on the alter of His cause.  He laid down His life for His friends (those who believed and obeyed Him) and instructed us to do the same for each other.  I believe this means we are to lay down our own agenda when the need is there.  Our Master created us to accomplish, build, be and enjoy so I don’t think He’s out to destroy our goals or desires.  Yet this also means that when we see a brother or sister in need we sacrifice our own agenda for a time to assist them, for this is what He did.

Righteousness is the state of being right.  The only way to know this state of being is to know who is right or choose that direction from the evidence at hand.  I’ve chosen Jesus to be my Lord.  Since He is my Lord, He dictates what is right, which is the way of righteousness.  Satan’s argument has been proven false.  It was so the moment he murdered an innocent man for power through his servants at the time.

The Way of righteousness trumps death for it conquers it and subjects its power to the resurrection.  Not only this but it also refuses to fear death for we know the Way of Christ passed through death to life and therefore cannot be ruled by it any longer.  We have died to ourselves already so death holds no sting or terror for us anymore.  In fact, it is now a testimony to the righteousness of Christ when we die in His name.  When we live in a fearless state surrounded by a world afraid of death, we demonstrate the power of Jesus over death and the grave, which in turn, declares the way of righteousness.


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