A Prophet Despite Himself

Caiaphas was the one who had advised the Jews that it would be good if one man died for the people.  John 18:14.

I just found this fascinating that the man was given a prophecy despite his spiritual stance, condition, antagonism and willful murderous intentions towards the Son of God.  God created the position of high priest, then continues to honor the position rather than the man by speaking through him.

Which reminds me of Balaam, who’s story we read about in Numbers 22-24.  He attempted to curse Israel though God told him otherwise.  The story finally ended with Balaam later instigating Israel’s debauchery because all he could do was bless them when he opened his mouth.  But on his way to curse them, his donkey confronted him, first, then an angel with a flaming sword.  Our God uses unconventional methods to accomplish His goals.

God used the reluctant prophet anyway.  Caiaphas probably wanted more than anything in the world to be a mouthpiece of his God for the purpose of increasing his own standing within his nation.  What he got instead was a prophecy about the Son of God dying for it—his understanding of his own statement being entirely different than the Spirit’s intention.

His story raises an interesting conundrum for believers since we believe God will (not so much “can”) only use those who join our club.  Deuteronomy 18 gives us the criterion for knowing whether or not God has spoken and Isaiah 8:19, 20 clarifies the sources He will and won’t use.  The position created by Him might be abused but it is still His chosen means of communicating, so He will honor the position in times of need without honoring the man (though we all receive residual glory anyway).  Caiaphas hated and despised Jesus and wished Him dead, yet he was still high priest and in a position of God’s choosing; the man might not have been the optimum for leading Israel, but he was perfect for what needed to be done at the moment, which was to kill the Son of God.

Our God leaves everything to a calculated chance.  In other words, there are very few things He dictates rather than influences.  We can resist His will on specifically salvation and obedience issues, but beyond these we are subject to His purpose like all the rest of creation.  So don’t be surprised if God speaks through the most bizarre and unexpected sources for He moves in mysterious ways beyond our comprehension.  On the other hand, He isn’t the author of confusion, which means those sources which are outside of His will by default probably won’t receive light from Him.  Satan parades as an angel of light and knows the prophecies better than we do.  Manipulating the truth is part of what liars do, of which he is the father of them.

Jesus had to die, Caiaphas just happened to be the best man for the job in more ways than one.


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One Response to “A Prophet Despite Himself”

  1. tlc4women Says:

    It is a fascinating way in which God chooses to move. Just when we think we know the next move, it often comes out of the least expected source (left field), yet when we see the outcome, it makes sense in ways we would not have expected.

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