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Wisdom: The Latest in Fashion

September 17, 2012

Who is the wise man?  Who knows the explanation of things?  Wisdom brightens a man’s face and changes its hard appearance.  Ecclesiastes 8:1.


I find it strange to think about how often dark thoughts permeate even the brightest moments.  Or, that sense of entitlement which comes along with being human may have nothing whatsoever to do with what I think about myself overall but it sure spits out a lot of nonsense at times.  For instance, I might be aware that few people really pay attention to me but still think that the prettiest girl in the school should be my girlfriend, even though she probably couldn’t pick me out of a lineup.  It’s this odd juxtaposition which causes so many people not to work in harmony with one another.

A guy who won’t date that girl over there because the person in question is just too “weird” or out of sync with what he thinks of as cool, pretty or acceptable declares his own self-image.  It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t have the evidence to back it up from his social circles or even internally, the fact that he considers himself to be above the girl states he thinks he deserves “better”—whatever that is.  And, using a guy as an illustration doesn’t mean girls are off the hook because they do the same thing.  The other thing I’ve noticed is taste differences are squashed by the strongest mouth in a proverbial room.  As far as I can tell, there are as many tastes in food, love and career, etc., as there are people in the world, yet we see many people dumping their own tastes for the sake of not being criticized by those who appear more “in the know” or popular.

Both sides are foolishness.

Wisdom explains the reasons for life, the universe and everything.  Sure there are some “reasons” which escape our grasp or even ability to find out, yet when we study the big picture, the reason for much it begins to be clear.

Just take science for instance:  a lot of what we thought was supernatural turned out to be nature working in small ways.  Leprosy is not God’s direct judgment on anyone but a virus which kills the nerves; bubonic plague is simply an infection spread by fleas and other insects—which is easily treatable by the way when caught early enough.  Elves, if they ever existed, were creatures of myth leaving no trace anywhere on earth—no fossils.  The earth rotates around the sun as do all the other planets in our solar system, which in turn rotates around the Milky Way galaxy, which then rotates around our universal core.  Flies do not spontaneously generate from meat, as thought in even medical circles during the 19th century before Pasteur proved otherwise.

Wisdom eliminates the need for conjecture, assumption and tabloid gossip fodder since by it we examine the essence of things to wring the truth from them.  It isn’t that it knows all rather it recognizes what it does and what doesn’t know, or, what can’t be known in the present moment.

We can conjecture all we want about the habits of a famous person but until we actually live with them in the daily we don’t know.  How often do we assume about another person’s motives only to find out they weren’t even on the same network as us thought-wise?  We assume what we understand the universe, God, the after life, and a host of other concepts either invented by us or discovered in some incremental way, then jump to conclusions about the meaning or purpose behind it all.

When I was a kid we were taught that God would be taking everyone to a heaven somewhere beyond our universe.  I’ve heard variations on this theme my entire life and believed it till I read the Scriptures to find out that “God’s dwelling” will be with men.  It’s stated in two major books—Isaiah and Revelation.  There will be a new heaven and a new earth, for the old is passed away and the new has come.  The New Jerusalem will come and rest on earth where the earthbound Jerusalem is now.  I assumed the people who taught me heaven only came after death or Jesus’ return knew what they were telling me to be fact, when in fact it turns out they ignored certain scripture references in order to promote their own bias.

Wisdom sees through the inflated opinions we have of our own theology.  Even though I know my original grasp of truth was more than likely mistaken, my current attitude towards eschatology (the study of prophecy), end time events, and what eternity will look like are more “wait and see” than anything else.  I took a warning from Jesus first advent:  The people in-the-know recognized Him as someone special, saw His miracles then crucified Him anyway because He scared them.  We don’t like to be wrong.

I’ve decided He’s right and I’m wrong and I’m in this walk with Him no matter what comes.  I don’t understand the big picture nor can I grasp all the details of prophetic truth.  What I do know is this:  Jesus loves me.  I know His word changed my life and gave me a different attitude about it.  I know that His promise of heaven beginning in the here and now on earth is a fact in my own heart—whether or not anyone else appears to accept it or experience it.

Have you ever seen a woman who you didn’t consider to be a “beauty” by whatever standard you measure such things, suddenly become gorgeous once you get to know her?  By the same token, women who fall in love with a man often don’t declare how “handsome” he is rather they focus on a trait that just endears him to them.

Wisdom changes a person’s appearance by its very nature to create a more peaceful, happy and contented outlook—Solomon claims it softens one’s hard facial expressions.  By dent of this very result, I hereby declare wisdom as the most effective fashion upgrade of any in the history of human effort.