Behind the Oz

How does one introduce oneself in a place of description without sounding pompous, self-deprecating or unsure?

I don’t know really, so I’ll just say it how I see it. 

I’m a single father of one named Jesse Tomaz.  I play guitar and sing in several churches in the greater Portland area and have lived in Oregon for the last 12 years.  I also play bass, a little keyboard and arrange a lot of the music I write as well as for worship.  For examples of four of my tunes go to MySpace.  The title “Jonny’s Habit” comes out my personal devotions and study.  Sometimes I will get ideas from sermons, books or walking by a common everyday setting which inspires me to write here what the Spirit seems to be saying.

I spent 4 1/2 years working in South Africa through Youth for Christ as a musician in two bands.  Moving back to the states I ended up doing a bohemian trek through several different incarnations like living in the basement of a church in Berkeley, CA, helping to run a vegan restaurant of sorts.  After this, I went to help my dad, who just underwent a quadruple bypass and nerve surgery, which led to me taking a stint in electronics at a tech school in Spokane, WA.

When I graduated there, I moved to Seattle for the music again.  I ended up working with two bands, four churches and doing my best to release some kind of album of song to no avail.  I moved to Portland in the winter of ’95 to begin recording an album with my brother Tracy, but life got in the way, interrupting our process.  So now we have several disks of unfinished songs and dreams waiting to be completed.

The passion of my life is to share what I learn about Jesus every day.  Though I know I am no better as a man or more educated than most, I crave doing this through the music, teaching and writing.  I have no burden to push people into a relationship with Jesus but love Him enough to share the satisfaction I get out of belonging to Him, and if they’re inspired to listen, I’m willing to speak.

The purpose of this blog is to log my journey so that others may be able find courage to explore God as well.


2 Responses to “Behind the Oz”

  1. Jesus Carries Me Says:

    This is beautiful, Jonny. I found it very encouraging, since that is my purpose to share Jesus with others too. It’s always uplifting to meet someone who share the same goals. There is strength in numbers -I believe. I pray that all your dreams concerning the music and everything else for your life will be accomplished 🙂 I pray that your journey will just get better and thanks for sharing Jesus with us.

    • jonnysoundsketch2 Says:

      As Paul says, “The love of God compels us…” Once we know the love of Jesus it’s kinda’ hard not to share it. It’s encouraging to have partners like you in all of this too.

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